The Merry Gentleman is a film about a woman who leaves an abusive relationship to start a new life in Chicago, where she forms a friendship with a hitman who is undergoing his own emotional crisis. Directed by Michael Keaton, the film stars Keaton and Kelly Macdonald.

Director: Michael Keaton

Cinematography: Chris Seager

Writer: Ron Lazzeretti

Stars: Michael Keaton, Kelly Macdonald, Tom Bastounes

About this clip

The-Merry-Gentleman-crewA unexpected scene in modern cinema. A 4 minute dolly shot with no cuts. They shot other angles and covered the scene normally but when Michael got in the Edit he decided it was right to let the scene play this way. Faires was honored to be ¬†able to deliver the subtle straightforward elegance that Michael wanted. An homage to some of the great directors of Hollywood’s Film Noir era.