The Merry Gentlemen is a  film about a woman who leaves an abusive relationship to start a new life in Chicago, where she forms a friendship with a hitman who is undergoing his own emotional crisis. Directed by Michael Keaton, the film stars Keaton and Kelly Macdonald.

Director: Michael Keaton

Cinematography: Chris Seager, BSC

Writer: Ron Lazzeretti

Stars: Michael Keaton, Kelly Macdonald, Tom Bastounes

About this clip

The-Merry-Gentleman-crewThis was Faires’ first opportunity to work with acclaimed DoP Chris Seager, BSC.  This was also Michael Keaton’s directorial debut. Faires says this was one of the most inclusive and collaborative experiences of his career. The three of them were very focused on Michael’s vision and Chris’ interpretation. The result was beautiful to observe.